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The Ellicottville Engineering Department will present a united Town & Village organization dedicated to providing the best public works and engineering service in New York state.


Our mission is to make Ellicottville the prominent destination in New York state thru our commitment to the public, application of sound engineering & construction doctrine, efficient decision making, and constant pursuit of improvement & innovation.

Welcome to the Ellicottville Engineering Department website!

Our goal is to make this website a “One Stop Shop” for everything Engineering/Public Works related within the Town and Village of Ellicottville.  On this website you’ll find updated codes, laws, construction standards, permit forms, and contact information so that you can easily access what you’re looking for and hopefully find an answer to any questions you have. We are working on a brand-new GIS website that you will be able to use to access tax parcel data, zoning information, special district boundaries, etc. We’ll be using this website to post important news and updates from time to time – Please let us know if you have any questions or any suggestions on how we can continue to improve our website!

Our Team

Niles Pierson

Town & Village Engineer


Tom Scharf

Town Highway Supervisor


Mark Chudy

Village Public Works Supervisor


Tom Dineen

Water Division Supervisor


Gerard Stokes

Sewer Division Supervisor


Kelly Fredrickson

Building & Code Enforcement Officer


Gary Palumbo

Town & Village Planner